ROSEMARY’S BLOG or News From The Farm (15 February 2020)

Originally from Essex, Rosemary Green has been a member of All Saints’ congregation for many years and is a pastoral assistant and worship leader. She and her husband Jim are farmers up in the hills near Newton Stewart.

3 thoughts on “ROSEMARY’S BLOG or News From The Farm (15 February 2020)

  1. Rosemary, Just found your blog and so enjoyed reading it. I grew up on a farm in Rutland and the aura that surrounds that life never quite leaves you. I used to lay on the banks of a ditch with my father watching fox clubs frolic in the sun. I cared for the orphaned lambs and sometimes, when on night patrol, carried them in a sack over my back when found newly born and frozen in the snow. A few hours in the bottom oven of the Rayburn revived them and on coming down to breakfast, I was over joyed to see them running and bleating around the kitchen table. Happy memories, Thank you, Gwendol (choir member at Challoch)

  2. As a child I lived in industrial Lancashire but for most of my adult life I have lived in rural England and Scotland. I always enjoy reading your blog. I enjoyed reading Gwendol’s comments. My great-aunt Sally’s greatest joy was when she saw her first lamb of the year, especially if it was a black one!


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